Working method with a holistic view

In an environmentally adapted building project the entire process is important. It is not just a matter of what we do but also why and how we do it. In GreenZone the best available technology has been employed, in an overall perspective, and combined to form new system solutions with substantial synergetic effects. In addition to new systems, attitudes and working methods are also important in order to reach the goals. Innovation and a holistic approach must replace contemporary working methods and ways of reasoning.


Anders Nyquist, architect and technical project manager for GreenZone, emphasizes that the working method in the project has played a decisive role.

”The way we worked has been very significant, perhaps even decisive, in executing the project as intended. The working method for GreenZone differed from traditional building projects where new participants generally become involved in each new phase of the building process and therefore threaten to ”water down” the original intent of the project.”

For this reason an expert group, with all the necessary expertise, was assembled during the idea phase. The consultants and companies that have participated in GreenZone have been able to contribute, from idea to realization of the project. This method has meant that everyone has contributed knowledge and experience throughout the entire project. No valuable knowledge has been lost along the way and it has been possible to ”protect” the basic concept from old, customary working methods.