Waste water treated locally

GreenZone is designed to handle waste water without being connected to the public sewage network. Three systems sort waste at source; one for shower, washing-up and laundry water, one for waste water from toilets and a third for waste water contaminated with oil from e.g. floor troughs and drains in the workshop and car wash. Shower, washing-up and laundry water is treated locally in a ground filtration system while water from Statoil’s car wash is treated 100% in a purification plant that is incorporated in the car wash.


The facility has vacuum toilets that radically reduce water consumption and make it possible to reuse nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen. Waste water from the vacuum toilets is piped to a collection tank and the solid waste is later converted for use as pure, natural fertilizer. This conversion is done within the scope of a separate, municipal project known as Circum.


The groundwater level is high at the site. This problem has been transformed to an advantage by using groundwater to irrigate the area as well as supplying water for toilets and the car wash.