Valuable knowledge for Umeå

Agenda 21 is, with its long-term goal of sustainable development, the starting point for the municipality’s planning for the future of Umeå. ”Adaptation to natural cycles and sustainability are important elements in our Agenda 21 work and for the development of the urban environment. Via GreenZone we obtain valuable knowledge of environmentally adapted building in particular. For example, it will be interesting to see how the sedum tile roofs work from an ecological perspective as well as their impact on the townscape in general,” comments Stina Fahlgren, architect at the municipality of Umeå’s planning department.


To ensure that the high level of ambition of the GreenZone project would truly be achieved the building proprietor adopted an ecological program in line with the visionary plans. In this way, also the objectives of the zoning plan, e.g. environmental adaptation of the area’s buildings and grounds as well as water and sewage handling, were fulfilled.

”The municipality of Umeå regards its involvement in projects like GreenZone as essential since such projects require special heating, water and sewage solutions. Matters that are among the municipality’s responsibilities. For example, the national Water and Sewage Act and local general regulations in the same field must be taken into consideration,” remarks Birgitta Fritzdotter, head of Umeå’s municipal water and sewage company.