Tropical plants

Visitors to the facility encounter green, tropical plants, regardless of whether they are going to have a hamburger or leave their car for service. The plants, known as Levande® filters (literally living filters), purify the air and add oxygen. This reduces the facility’s need for mechanical ventilation and preheated air. Consequently, the use of the mechanical system can be significantly reduced thus lowering energy consumption.

The biological characteristics of the tropical plants also make the indoor air cleaner because the leaves collect both airborne particles and gases. When the plants are ”showered” the contaminants are washed to the soil where they are naturally decomposed.

The plants grow in troughs enclosed by glass and fitted with both a drainage and irrigation system. The leaves are showered for about a minute, twice an hour. The watering system also helps to cool the air and increase the humidity which helps to improve the quality of indoor air, especially during the winter months when indoor air is often dry.


A segment of the ventilation system in the car dealership is based on natural ventilation which means that air flows through the building without the assistance of extra energy. Air enters the building via a duct that is buried in the ground, where it is naturally cooled before being released into the lower level of the dealership.

The difference in temperature results in natural air circulation. On the roof there are wind-powered fans, aspirators, that enhance the natural ventilation. Aspirators, installed on all roofs, also serve to ventilate the roof structure thereby avoiding the risk of moisture damage.