Environmental work at McDonald’s – a natural part of daily life

It is no coincidence that McDonald’s is one of the facility’s tenants. Environmental work has been underway at McDonald’s for many years. It has become a natural part of daily life and can serve as a source of inspiration for McDonald’s in other countries.

”GreenZone means that we take yet another step in our environmental work and the restaurant here will function as reference for the future. GreenZone provides us with the opportunity to test new technology and new solutions,” says Bertil Rosquist, environment manager for McDonald’s in Sweden. ”Our environmental vision is very much alive and our work includes playing an active role in the creation of an ecologically sustainable society.”

McDonald’s in Sweden work is based on the planning methodology of the international environmental organisation The Natural Step. McDonald’shas identified the areas that are most important to work on and in a close dialogue with its suppliers they have created a guide for work in the future. ”Success demands that everyone is involved,” according to Bertil Rosquist. Anders Raiting currently runs the restaurant in central Umeå and the idea is that in time he will also run the restaurant at GreenZone. Anders is proud to work for a company that exerts itself to promote development in a range of fields. ”The environment is one of those fields and today we’re good at recycling, for example. We also continually develop technology to be able to build new and better restaurants.”