Lantern skylights

Lantern skylights built into the roof reflect sunlight into the building using a reflective film, the first of its kind in the world. The lanterns direct daylight into the buildings as long as there is daylight. In Umeå, close to the Arctic Circle, there can be daylight around the clock. This means that nice, soft daylight is used to its full extent and the need for electric lighting is reduced.

In the spaces with daylight from windows or skylights the electric lighting is steered by demand, i.e. when the available daylight drops below a given level it is supplemented by electrical illumination. All lighting in less frequented rooms is controlled by motion sensors. Shortly after everyone has left the room the lights are turned off automatically which minimizes the waste resulting from ”forgotten” lights.


All wires and cables are so-called green cables which means they are free of halogen and PVC and therefore can be reused or recycled.


The employee parking lot is equipped with time and temperature-controlled block heater outlets. Starting a warm engine results in lower hazardous emissions.

Electronics in the block heater outlets automatically control the heaters’ energy supply in relation to the outdoor temperature. The driver sets the time when the car is to be used again and, depending on how cold it is, the length of time that the heater runs is adjusted to ensure the engine is sufficiently warm when the driver needs it. Moreover, the block heater outlets are prepared to charge electric cars of the future.