Dry building method

To avoid moisture GreenZone is constructed using open designs and pre-fabricated concrete sections which has meant that everything is quickly covered by a roof. All facing sections, for example, are built on-site beneath a weatherproof roof. Furthermore, the concrete beams and supporting pillars remain unpainted to allow the concrete to dry completely. Painting them too early would result in the moisture being sealed in.


All building material used in the project can be reused or recycled. Components are bolted or screwed into place instead of being nailed. This means that everything from bolts to wooden material can be reused. The adaptation of building material to environmental factors continues to develop and this required more careful planning since delivery times for suitable materials has often been longer than is otherwise the case. When there were no products that could satisfy the strict environmental requirements the contractor selected the best products available on the market from an environmental perspective.


Material with several functions has been used instead a material with only a single function. One example is the ceiling’s wood fibre panels that insulate and form part of the cooling system as well as being sound absorbent and a load bearing part of the structure.