Dedicated co-workers and a sound work environment

An important objective of GreenZone is to inspire people to take initiatives and act to improve the environment. GreenZone is to stimulate commitment and promote an increased understanding of what we can do to contribute to a sustainable society.

With an aim to increase knowledge of ecological sustainability everyone who works at the facility’s various operations has completed a thorough environmental training course. This helps to create a sense of participation in the project and heightens the level of commitment on the part of each co-worker.

”One’s own interest in environmental issues naturally increased. Initially I was sceptical but now I’ve even begun driving an ethanol powered car. You suddenly realise what you as an individual can do, instead of shrugging your shoulders and saying your role is so small that it doesn’t make any difference,” observes Statoil station manager Thomas Zachrisson. Another important aspect of GreenZone is the work environment. Well-lit premises with modern furnishings etc naturally play an important role but more central in a sound work environment are matters like the quality of indoor air and the electrical environment.


The facility’s ventilation system differs from conventional systems in that it employs a FLIMMER® filter which purifies the air using micro-fibres instead of forcing the air through a filtration material. This results in very efficient particle separation. The filter effectively separates airborne particles, even the tiniest, and the service life is long even in demanding environments.

By charging the filter with static electricity using the air flow the air resistance is reduced thereby cutting energy consumption. Furthermore, there is no dust released when handling the filter.


All electrical installations in the facility are designed and installed to reduce the electrical pulse and magnetic fields which means the effect on people is cut to a minimum.

Tests show that all areas of the facility are below the recommended values for magnetic fields. All workplaces in the facility have values that are more than five times lower than the recommendations.