A road to sustainable society

In Umeå, there is a unique environmental area and it is not a housing area. This is an innovative, sustainable platform for providing service to motorists and it is unique because it is entirely designed with the environment in mind. The area offers service for both car and driver with a complete service facility, an energy station with food store plus a roadside restaurant. The project has been developed with the support of the Ford Motor Company, McDonald´s and Statoil and is known by the name GreenZone.

GreenZone is developed with a holistic view based on how we can, in the best possible manner, conserve natural resources within the building sector, without compromising function or comfort. This comprehensive approach has characterised the project from the outset, from the design and building phases, as well as having strongly influenced the various activities in the area.

All who have participated in the project, from the building process to subsequent business activities, have been educated in environmental issues and all undertakings in the GreenZone are being certified in accordance with ISO 14001. The aim of GreenZone is to stimulate innovative thinking and increase knowledge in the field of environmentally sound building. Green Zone – a road to a sustainable society.